Effective, Innovative and Interactive Learning Models

Effective, Innovative and Interactive Learning Models
The Debate Model turns out not only to be used in a race or competition, but can also be implemented in the learning process. However, the use of this debate model must be adapted to the material being studied. Not all material topics can use this debate model, because there must be a group of pros and cons on a particular topic. For example, in the course of student development, there is the topic of adult students' intelligence abilities. In the material there is the question whether a person's intelligence will decrease with age?
Some answered ‘yes’ but others answered ‘no’. If the conditions are as mentioned above, then the debate learning model can be implemented. You can look for other material topics that are relevant to the course or subject you are capable of. Debate Learning Model itself is defined as a learning model in which students are divided into two groups (one pro group and one cont group) to 'clash' arguments on one particular topic. This Debate learning model can also be used to bring the classroom atmosphere to life, so that it is hoped that it can increase student motivation (Guardy on Journal Manuscript).
In addition, the debate learning model can also encourage students to work together in a group. The steps of this debate learning model are as follows: The teacher / lecturer divides students into 2 groups of debate participants (one pros and one cons) The teacher / lecturer assigns the task to read material that will be debated by the two groups After finishing reading the material, the teacher / lecturer appoints one member of the pro group to speak at the time, then is responded by the counter group. And so on until most students can express their opinions.
While students express their ideas, the teacher / lecturer writes the core / ideas of each conversation until they get a number of ideas expected. The teacher / lecturer adds concepts / ideas that have not been revealed From the data disclosed, the teacher / lecturer invites students to make conclusions / summaries that refer to the topic to be achieved. The steps above can still be modified depending on needs, for example at this meeting two groups were formed, but the debate process was held Sunday at the meeting next week, so students were more mature in preparing the material for the debate. So little information about the debate learning model, hopefully can help teachers in efforts to improve the quality of the learning process.
One indicator of teacher competence in the learning process is the ability to bring the classroom atmosphere to life. Turning on the classroom atmosphere is not an easy matter because of the diversity of the characteristics of existing students. There are several ways that can be done by a teacher to enliven the classroom atmosphere, one of which is to use an innovative learning model. There are so many innovative learning models that can be used by a teacher in an effort to enliven the classroom atmosphere, some of which we have discussed in previous articles, namely examples non examples and picture and picture.
Included in the innovative learning model is the Talking Stick Learning Model. In this talking stick learning model the learning process is packaged in a game, so it can create a fun environment. However, while maintaining the effectiveness of the delivery of material. As the name implies, the talking stick learning model is one of the innovative learning models that uses stick assistance, where the stick is rotated by students, usually while accompanied by musical accompaniment, and when music is stopped the student who last holds the stick will be asked a question by his teacher .

Learning Strategies, Methods or Techniques are tools for achieving learning objectives

Learning Strategies, Methods or Techniques are tools for achieving learning objectives
In various situations the learning process is often used terms that are basically intended to explain the ways, stages or approaches undertaken by a teacher to achieve learning objectives. The terms strategy, method or learning technique are often used interchangeably, although basically these terms have differences from one another. Learning techniques are often equated with learning methods. Techniques are roads, tools or media used by teachers to direct student activities towards the desired or achieved goals (Gerlach and Ely on Journal Manuscript, 1980).
The learning method is defined as the way the teacher uses it to carry out its functions and is a tool to achieve learning objectives. However, in actual implementation, methods and techniques have differences like the following example: Based on the example above it can be concluded that the learning method is more procedural, which contains certain stages, while the technique is the method used and is implementative. In other words the method chosen by each teacher (Mrs. Leny and Pak Bambang) is the same, but they use different techniques.
While the learning strategy must contain an explanation of the methods or procedures and techniques that will be used during the learning process. In other words, learning strategies contain broader meanings of methods and techniques. This means that learning methods and techniques are part of the learning strategy. Innovative learning is a learning process that is designed in such a way that it is different from learning generally done by teachers (conventional).
Conventional learning will make students less interested and motivated to participate in learning activities that result in low student learning outcomes and does not mean the knowledge obtained by students. In addition, the knowledge acquired by students in the classroom tends to be artificial and as if separated from problems in daily life experienced by students. Innovative learning is more directed at student-centered learning.
The learning process is designed, organized and conditioned for students to learn. In student-centered learning, understanding students' contexts becomes a very important part, because this is where the whole design of the learning process begins. The relationship between teacher and student becomes a learning relationship and mutual development. Student autonomy as a person and educational subject becomes a reference point throughout the planning and learning process. This kind of learning is called active learning. Active learning is a learning process where a teacher must be able to create an atmosphere in such a way that students actively ask questions, question and express ideas. Besides being active, learning must also be fun. Fun learning is closely related to a pleasant learning atmosphere so students can focus their full attention on learning.
An active and pleasant situation is not enough, if the learning process is not effective, which is to produce what students must master, because learning has a number of objectives to be achieved. Integrated learning is an art of learning that has been done by teachers who inspired it for centuries. This learning centers on combining different types of sources and learning activities in a learning environment where students can interact and build ideas. Since the last few decades, integrated learning has been able to expand learning methodologies, open opportunities for distance and open learning, and also provide more challenges to traditional learning methods.
The term "integrated electronic learning" is an acknowledgment that the opportunity to use pure electronic learning is smaller than when combined (combined with) other approaches as a form of integrated learning. Education has not been able to take control of the use of new technologies in learning. This progress is often controlled by new trends created outside formal education. Electronic devices, such as: DVDs, iPods, digital cameras, cell phones and computers, are rampant and are very familiar with our students. The latest innovations in social software have changed the way people meet and interact.

Education is Very Important for the Next Generation of the Nation

Education is Very Important for the Next Generation of the Nation
School is a very important thing for human life with no school, so the quality of public education in is disrupted. The life he lives will also not be guaranteed, there are many unemployment everywhere because the knowledge he has is unable to meet the desired standard. For this reason, education is very important for us as the next generation of the nation.
The role of parents is very important as an encouragement for their children to continue to keep the spirit in school education. The role of parents as true educators is temporarily replaced and left entirely to educators who are more professional in terms of their fields. In general, the school is an educational institution that is formal, non-formal and informal, which is established by the state or private that is designed to teach, educate through the education that has been given by educators. To make a school must have adequate facilities and infrastructure, such as a study room, library, office space, mosque, computer room or others.
Understanding School is an institution that is used for learning activities for educators and is a place to give and receive lessons in accordance with their fields. Schools become one of the places to educate children with the intention to provide the knowledge provided so that they are able to become useful humans for the nation and also the country.
Schools have a very important role in the life of the nation. For that, I will provide an explanation of the functions of the school that we need to know together, including: Preparing Students for a Job, For students who have graduated to take up their education, it is expected to be able to get or even open certain jobs. If you haven't gotten a job that suits your abilities, then at least you have the basic ability to guarantee its survival.
The higher level of education, the person is expected to be able to have a better job the job he gets. Providing Basic Skills, the School is able to provide basic skills for educators in the form of reading, writing and also counting. For this reason, these three things are needed in human life.
Because humans will not be separated from it, especially for those who want to get a good job. Providing General Knowledge, When we take education, of course we will be given knowledge that we have never known before, and therefore by tasting education, the knowledge that we can also increase. Therefore do not be tired to continue going to school, because from there your life will be better. Those are some of the functions of the school that we all know together, from here we already know that school is something that is important for human life.
For this reason, schools greatly affect human life in terms of finding work. If we have a high education, then surely we will get a much better job compared to people who have low education. No wonder so many people keep on pursuing their education, because science is very important for human life, if we don't have knowledge, then we will also be easy to be lied to or easily colonized by other countries. We as a young generation must continue to be enthusiastic to take education so that the welfare of the nation and the country becomes more secure.

Counseling is a Process of Providing Assistance Conducted by Experts

Counseling is a Process of Providing Assistance Conducted by Experts
Counseling is a process of providing assistance conducted by experts to individuals who experience the problems they are facing. There are several opinions regarding the Definition of Counseling according to some experts. And from some of these definitions certainly different explanations. According to Abu Ahmadi counseling is a relationship that is done privately with face to face between two or more people to help deal with the problems being experienced. In addition there are many understandings of counseling that we might later learn together from several experts. For that counseling education is needed for us to know the problems experienced by someone, besides that we can also understand about the problems experienced by the Indonesian International Journal.
We must know that counseling education is needed to know a good mindset in every problem solving. There will be a lot of experience that we will take from the counseling knowledge. Before we learn about counseling guidance, we need to know in advance about the purpose of counseling guidance. I will give a little explanation about the purpose of counseling, including: Having a sense of awareness of the potential for self in the learning aspect, understanding various obstacles that might occur in the learning process experienced.
Have a positive attitude in terms of learning, such as the habit of reading books, study hard, like all subjects, and be active in participating in all learning activities that are held. Having a high enthusiasm in terms of learning, is not easy to give up to continue to learn and learn every lesson given. Having skills or techniques in terms of effective learning, using dictionaries, taking notes on any material provided, and being able to prepare for exams.
Have mental readiness in facing various kinds of exams. In addition to the goals that I have explained above there are many more other goals of counseling guidance. in addition to the goals we need to know, we also need to know about the function of counseling guidance. I will give an explanation of the function of counseling guidance, which include: Understanding Function, Understanding function, a function that helps counselees to have an understanding of themselves and their environment.
So it is very important to learn so that the counselee is able to face every exam that will occur. Preventive function, which is a function related to the counselor's way of anticipating various problems that will later be faced and trying to prevent it. So in this case it is needed so that every problem quickly resolved. Development function, development function, that is, functions that have more proactive characteristics than other functions. in this case the counselor must be able to create a conducive learning atmosphere that is able to facilitate the counselee in the process of learning development.
Healing Function, the healing function that is, a function that has a curative nature, this function is usually associated with efforts to provide assistance to counselees who have problems, whether it involves personal or social matters. Distribution function, that is, the function which is to help the counselee in choosing extracurricular activities and study programs that will be pursued later. Those are some of the goals that we already know together, besides the goals above that I have explained there are still many other goals that you might be able to learn for yourself at home. Those are probably some things I can explain about counseling. Hopefully this article can be useful for you.

Countries and territories bordering the South China Ocean

Countries and territories bordering the South China ocean
South China ocean is an element of the Pacific, that covers most of the territory of Singapore and Malacca Straits to the Strait of Taiwan with a vicinity of roughly three.5 million km². supported its size, the South China ocean is that the largest water space or the second largest when the 5 oceans. South China ocean could be a water with a range of potential is incredibly giant as a result of it contains a crude oil and fossil fuel and it's conjointly a really necessary role because the world’s oil distribution lines, trade and international shipping.
Role of Asean Regional Forum Conflict Resolution in South China Sea, Countries and territories bordering the South China ocean ar (clockwise from north) the People’s Republic of China (PRC) as well as (Macau and Hong Kong), Republic of China (Taiwan), the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Brunei, and Vietnam , the massive rivers that vacant into the South China ocean embrace the Pearl watercourse (Guangdong).
Min, Jiulong, Red, Mekong, Rajang, Pahang, and Pasig. Geographically, the South China ocean stretches from the southwest to the Northeast, that’s South limit of three ° South latitude between South island and Kalimantan (Karimata Strait), and limits Strait is that the north of the north finish Taiwanke Taiwnan coastal Fujian in Communist China.
South China ocean is found on the side the People’s Republic of China (PRC) and Taiwan; within the west of the Philippines; within the west, the ocean territory (Malaysia), territory (Malaysia) and Brunei; in north Indonesia; The north-eastern earth of Malaysia (Malaysia) and Singapore; and within the East Vietnam. South China ocean space once viewed within the governance of the International Ocean, a vicinity that has the worth of economic, political, and strategic.
Thus create this space contains a possible conflict of serkaligus potential for cooperation. In different words, the South China ocean that contains crude oil and fossil fuel contained in that, further as a really necessary role as a trade and distribution of the world’s oil, creating kawasanLaut South China because the object of regional discussion over the years. it's calculable that there ar oil deposits within the South China ocean region.
Estimation of oil content within the South China ocean space of 213 British capacity unit (billion barrels). like oil, the content of the fossil fuel within the South China ocean region is additionally various.

Era of Modernization Acquainted Regarding Style

Era of Modernization Acquainted Regarding Style
Where once there was no place referred to as restaurant, as a result of once if folks wish to fancy the low during a restaurant or normally said warkop. These low retailers area unit typically seen at the sides of the route. low culture at the start it drinks his low black color, style bitter and hot. Moreover, attributable to its place within the type of a stall wherever too hot and also the atmosphere is stuffed with those that those that drink low to feel the warmth. low lovers once the recent those that will build them feel and luxuriate in the warmth when drinking low.
For currently within the era of modernization acquainted regarding style (Relaxed Student Life Style). Here style style whereas enjoying low drinks however the low culture, has emerged a brand new term to explain a coffee bar calledcoffee shop, A additional trendy style, during a sense already the days that don't wish to miss.
Changes in style is most placing once seen what happens to those that board huge cities. The dynamic lifestyles of low drinking culture past and gift. In huge cities, it is aforementioned quickly follow trendy style therefore enjoying low drink was used as the simplest way of life for contemporary society. Especially on cluster of scholars as a retardant to be studied as a student group itself is additionally a part of a restaurant lovers.
a gaggle of scholars at the most connoisseurs restaurant as a result of it's typically seen hanging out along with his friends, can be to easily speak or do chores along, and pay time. a gaggle of scholars even have additional free time than faculty kids attributable to the time possessed comfortable spare student study time to attend hours to arrive. in the election low shop-pun, starbucks as a restaurant is being investigated. this is often as a result of Starbucks could be a restaurant that has been far-famed and worldwide at a value that fairly isn't low cost.
Studied could be a cluster of scholars themselves WHO need to work and have their own cash area unit willing to pay cash that's not a touch simply to fancy a dish of low offered. Finally, this paper focuses on what social and economic reasons a gaggle of scholars followed the relaxed style of the leisure category, as was drained starbucks low.

Cyber Crime within the Use of Services E-Banking

Cyber Crime within the Use of Services E-Banking
Today, the employment of data technology is a crucial a part of the majority activities of society, as well as within the banking world, wherever virtually the whole method of the implementation of electronic payment systems do (paperless). Developments in data technology have forced businesses to vary its business strategy to place the technology as a key part within the innovation method of product and services.
Electronic Banking Services (electronic dealings / e-Banking) is one in every of the most channel delivery of banking services. One of the risks related to the implementation of electronic banking (e-banking) is fraud or a criminal offense in electronic banking services, that occur thanks to malicious intent of someone / cluster of individuals United Nations agency have skills within the field of data technology and / or took advantage of the bank and therefore the customers, creating the bank or the client as aggrieved victims.
Within the banking world, the event of fraud or crime in electronic banking services is kind of stunning, with the additional frequent prevalence of some adverse cases the banks because the case theft, fictitious credit transfer, skimming credit / charge account credit, net banking phishing, etc. Meanwhile, variety of mastercard holders have additionally complained, as a result of the mastercard range has been used alternative parties to conduct e-commerce transactions giving rise to substantial losses.
Unrest-unrest, some communities need a guarantee fairness and legal certainty within the field of cyber-crime within the use of services E-Banking. In Sep and October 2000, a craker with the nickname fabianclone managed to interrupt through the Bank’s net island. The Bank provides net banking services at its customers. acquisition nice losses and lead to client service outages. alternative crimes area unit classified as law-breaking in business crime is Cyber Fraud, crimes committed with fraud over the net, one in every of that is to commit a criminal offense initial stealing somebody else’s mastercard numbers to hack or forced the lock the positioning on the net.
Based on the formulation of the matter, then the troubleshooting ways employed in this paper is to review literature is to require reference from the book, a journal of the E-Banking and additionally from the net the aim of this paper is as reference material information Crime E-Banking system within the World have occurred law-breaking cases associated with business crime.